What Is Social Phobia? A Brief Introduction To Social Phobia And Social Anxiety

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Social PhobiaSome of you may have heard about social phobia, or people can call it social anxiety. But, do know what is? And, how social phobia can came to someone, also how about symptoms ? Firstly, you have to know about what Is phobia.

Phobia is a part of an anxiety disorder spectrum listed on the DSM-IV TR. It shows that phobia is one of the anxiety disorder, which people will feel anxious, afraid, and also uncomfortable to some situation, and other things. Phobia can also described as unusual afraid or unusual anxiety of something. And something can be anything, afraid of people, water, animals, social situation, heights, or even afraid of girls/boys.

Well, it is kind of that unusual afraid and anxiety, especially to social situation. Yes, when you feel afraid and anxious about social situation, you can be diagnosed by social phobia. The main characteristic is feeling anxious and afraid of one or more social situation, like :

  • In a train or bus station
  • When you have to speech in front of many people
  • In a classroom full of students
  • And many other social situation including many people inside.

 Is Not An Introvert, and Vice Versa

Some people argue that it or social anxiety is a characteristic of people with introvert personality, schizoid personality, or any other personality that requires less social interaction. Isn’t a personality disorder or personality characteristic. It is a disorder, that has a cause and also has treatment. People with social phobia isn’t introvert people. In fact, people with social phobia have a goo social interaction or relation, as good as extrovert people does.  For instance, extrovert people will also has the same probability as introvert people to have this kind of social phobia.

What Caused?

When it comes to an epidemiologic, we can clearly says that it can be caused by a past time trauma. Childhood memories, which can make you scared, afraid, or anxious when you are in a place with many people. And also, people can have this anxiety disorder when they caught by an irrational thoughts.

Signs and Symptoms

As like many other psychological disorder, it also has many symptoms and signs. Here are some symptoms and signs :

  • Feeling death
  • Sweat
  • Heart beating fast
  • Panic attack
  • Freezing
  • Feel sick
  • Stomachache
  • And many more

So, when you are faced with some social situation, and you have some signs and symptoms, clearly you are having problem of it. That’s the brief introduction of social phobia or social anxiety. Nest, we’ll have some kind of psychotherapy to overcome it. Stay tuned.