What Can I Do with a Bachelors in Psychology

What Can I Do with a Bachelors in Psychology: Your Career Option

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What Can I Do with a Bachelors in Psychology

You might ask yourself about what can I do with a bachelors in psychology. If it is related to your future career, you can do so many things with your bachelor’s degree. Just check the list of the career option below to know what you have to do after achieving your bachelors in psychology. You might surprise because it seems that some jobs are not related to your degree and knowledge.

Advertising Agent

You can work in an advertising agency. It seems that your degree and knowledge is not related to the job. The fact is that you can use your knowledge in psychology to develop persuasive advertisements. Moreover, your knowledge is also useful to search for the best target market. As a result, you can create the right product messaging and the target market accepts it easily. You learn how to deal with it in the science of persuasion and research.  

Career Counselor

How many people get confused about their best career? This is also the answer to what can I do with a bachelors in psychology. You can work as a career counselor. Your main job is to help people to find their true potential. By knowing their true potential, you can help them to define the best career. Here, you are using your psychological knowledge to help people to find themselves that they might not realize before. In the end, they will be more confident to step forward and take any career opportunity based on what they have. 

Child Care Worker

Taking care of children is challenging. You have to know their behavior, attitude, and even psychologic to get close with them. Your skill is needed in a specific industry such as a daycare, after-school programs, and many more. Your job is to help children to learn something new maximally. By using your skill, you can ask them to learn something in fun. You can also teach them how to socialize with their friends and any other fun and exciting activities. The achievement is to make them develop their mental after following a daycare or after-school programs.

Market Researcher

Your skill is also needed in a company, especially for companies which need help to define its target market. You are working as market research. Your job is collecting or analyzing data, creating pools, conducting interviews, and many more to get the best target market. In this case, you are using your knowledge in statistical analysis and scientific methodologies. 

Rehabilitation Specialist

You can also work in a rehabilitation center as a rehabilitation specialist. You are trying to help people with mental disorder to live better. You guide them on how to be accepted in the society without any problems. For a good career opportunity, you may take a master’s degree in psychology first.

The point is that there are so many things you can do after taking your bachelor’s degree in psychology. The list above shows that there is always a career opportunity for you. The most important thing, you don’t have to ask about what can I do with a bachelors in psychology because you know what to do now.