The Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale, A Powerful Individual Intelligence Test

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Wechsler Intelligence Scale

The Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale is the most powerful individual intelligence test that you’ll ever mer. This intelligence scale can show not only your IQ score, but also show many intellectual aspects of yours. The Wechsler intelligence scale comes in a few test, bust the most well-known test are the WISC and also WAIS. WISC is administrated for children, below 12-13, and the WAIS is for teenager and adult.

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Subtest On The Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale

There are several subtest on Wechsler Intelligence Scale, WAIS and also WISC. Here are some subtest on Wechsler Scale:

  1. Information

This subtest will test your daily information, history, and also test your average intelligence of some daily and popular information. It consist of general question, history of nation, general information of arts, and some general knowledge.

  1. Comprehension

This subtest will test your comprehension of daily life activities and problems. It test your problem-solving skills, logic, and also concentration. The reasoning abilities will also take big part of this subtest.

  1. Math/Arithmetic

Well, this subtest will actually test your calculating skills. You have to answer math problem within time limits, and you can only count in your mind, not in paper. This will test your math or calculating skills, concentration, and also mind processing to answer math problem without being out of time.

  1. Similarities

This subtest will test your reasoning, and your knowledge. There are 14 numbers, each numbers is provided by two different things. Your job is to find the similarities of those two different things. You will need general knowledge and also reasoning and thinking skills to finish this subtest.

  1. Digit Span

In this subtest, what you have to do is just listen to the some digit, and shout it back. You will need full concentration on this subtest. If you are bad and can’t concentrate, well you’ll have bad score in this subtest of course.

  1. Comprehension

In this test, you’ll shown 40 words of many things. What you have to do is tell what is the meaning of each word/thing. You will need the general knowledge, and also understanding function of many things.

  1. Symbol

This is the first performance subtest of the Wechsler Intelligence test. In this subtest, you have to finish as many as you can the riddle on a paper. It consist numbers and symbol. You have to draw a correct symbol in each number, same as the example within the time limit.

  1. Picture Completion

In this subtest, you will face some cards with incomplete picture. Your job is to tell the tester, what’s missing from each picture. You will need concentration, experience, and also some general knowledge to finish this subtest perfectly

  1. Block design

Maybe this can be one of the hardest subtest on Wechsler Intelligence test. You have to arrange some block with colors in it. Arrange it perfectly, as same as the patterns that gave to you. Concentration, problem solving, motivation, and also hard work will be shown by this subtest

  1. Picture arrangement

The picture arrangement subtest can be done when you arrange some picture in a right arrangement. You will show 3 to 6 cards, that shows some activities randomly arranged. Your job is to arrange those cards, to become the perfect storyline.

  1. Object Assembly

This subtest is more likely a puzzle. You will face some part of a things, and you have to arrange it to become a things. You’ll need concentration, and also spatial abilities to complete this subtest.

From that 11 subtest of Wechsler Intelligence Test, you’ll find your own IQ score, Intellectual capacities, and also sees some intellectual aspect of yourself. Form the observation, you can also know what is your best abilities, your motivation, an also your problem solving skills. That’s why Wechsler Intelligence Test is one of the best individual intelligence test for people.