Top 10 Insurance Meme Ideas

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This article basicnya about Insurance Meme, please enjoy with it. Larger percentage of the world’s populations are into insurance. The main purpose of having properties insured is to avoid some unforeseen circumstances which might led to the eventual loss of properties. With insurance, you’re sure of recovering your lost properties within a twinkle of an eye.

However, attention of people needs to be drawn to this wonderful program. One of the best way to achieve that is to create funny and hilarious memes to attract people’s attention.

Burial Insurance meme: Have you ever imagined a situation where someone would pay for insurance just for the purpose of burial ceremony. It’s funny right? The meme below clearly depicts that.

Insurance Meme

Health Insurance: There are some certain people that thinks health insurance is mainly for profit making. This assertion is not totally true because health insurance is mainly for safety and emergency purposes. The meme below clearly show the display of anger by a man when he heard that health insurance is mainly for profit.

Insurance Memes

Live Insurance Policy: There’s nothing that is more exciting than having a life insurance policy that will favour you. You’ll live the rest of your life with joy and peace, bearing in mind that you’ll always have things to fall back on, especially when the unexpected happens. The meme below depicts the joy people feel when they get life insurance.

Insurance Meme

Getting Insurance for Friends: Just imagine that moment when your close friend or one of your relatives help you to insure some of your properties. You’ll be full of appreciation right? The meme below clearly depicts that.

Term Insurance: The meme below jokingly explains that whenever you hear the word “term Insurance”, it’s simply telling you to terminate your insurance.

Laughter Insurance: Just the moment you think insurance can give you all the happiness in this world, and then realize that laughter is the best medicine to happiness. The meme below clearly explains it.

Cheap Insurance: Just the moment you feel you can get cheap insurance and was disappointed. There are even some sect of people that intends to register with an insurance companies, but they are afraid to because of some expenses involved. The insurance meme below is a perfect example of this.

Insurance Policy: There are some certain people that claims they love their kids but don’t care to put some measures in place to secure their live. The best way to show you really love your kids is to get a life insurance policy for them. The funny insurance meme below visibly described this.

Insurance for the dead: Just the moment you think insurance is meant for just the living, then boom, you discovered that the dead actually needs it as a ticket to cross the vail. Funny right?

Life Insurance for Animals: So, our pets actually needs insurance? Wow, surprised. Below is a meme of some pets showing interest in life insurance.

So u dont have pressing about this situation and we write at depression memes. There are moments we need things that will motivate us to achieve our aims and goals. The insurance memes above are enough to catch your interest in getting your life, family and properties insured.