Things That A Psychologist Must Have

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To be a good psychologist, you will have to learn about many things, theory, psychotherapy, human development, and many more. But, you’re not a good psychologist yet, if you don’t have a good psychologist trait. These are few trait that a good psychologist must have to help their client overcome their problems.

Things That A Psychologist Must Have

  1. Empathy

Things That A Psychologist Must HaveEmpathy is the basic trait that a good psychologist must have. Empathy is a point that you can fell other’s feeling. You can explore and feels what your client’s feeling. If you’re client is sad, then you can also feel their sadness. Or, maybe when your client feels desperate, lost and lonely, you also have to feel their feelings. Being empathic is the basic trait that a good psychologist must have. If you’re not emphatic enough, your client will not take good trust in you. They will feel that you don’t understand their feeling, and will not have faith in you.

So, if you want to become a good psychologist, first you have to be an emphatic person to others. Feels what they are feel, and show them that you know and understand how does it feels.

  1. Good Listener

Things That A Psychologist Must Have

A good psychologist has to be a good listener to everyone. Even if the client can’t speak normally, have disabilities in communication, or many kind of disorder. As a psychologist, you have to listen, listen, and listen, even though you can’t understand what they said. At least you can pretend that you are here to listen what they said. This will make them feel so great, that there’s someone who wants to listen to them.

You don’t have to give them feedback, suggestion, or maybe solutions. Just shake your head, and make yourself looked like someone who can understand their words, you already became a good listener, and a good psychologist of course

  1. Mastering the counseling and observation techniques

Things That A Psychologist Must Have

You don’t have to mastered all the psychotherapy to become a good psychologist. What you have to do is at least mastering the counseling techniques, and also observation. This two techniques will give you many information about your client. If you mastered this two techniques, so you will became a good psychologist.

Counseling is a perfect match for all situation. Stress, depressed, and even other psychotic and psychosis disorder can be assessed through the counseling techniques.

So, there are three points which will make you a great psychologist. So, if you want to become a great psychologist and help people with problems, you have to mastered and learn about those three things mentioned above.