Thematic Apperception Test, A Projection Test For Personality And Individual Needs

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Thematic Apperception Test, A Projection Test For Personality And Individual NeedsThere are many personality test and also projection test for individual, and the Thematic Apperception Test is one of them. The TAT’s is one of the most useful projection test, to define people’s needs and also press. It can also shows someone’s problem with family, parents relation, relation to couple, and also sees traumatic memories and psychological abnormalities. This TAT’s is very simple to do. Tester as administrator will only has to show some cards with picture on it. The client just has to tell a story about picture drawn on each card. There are 2 version of this administration of TAT:

  1. The Murray version, which has 20 cards, with 1 blank card. This version will differ picture for man or woman, and can be administrated with some age restriction. (Example, there ara boys and girls card, also men and women cards.)
  2. The Bellak version is the simplest yet shortest version of TAT. It only take 10 cards from all of the TAT cards. There are no boundaries between boys, girls, men or women. All client shown the same cards., without any criteria

Brief Interpretation of TAT

There are 5 brief interpretations of this projection test, the Thematic Apperception Test. Here are those 5 interpretations of TAT:

  1. Main heroes, are the main character told by client when they saw a picture. It can be a man, woman, child, or even an object. The assumption of this main hero is the hero has same characteristic with client.
  2. Needs and Press, are some theories developed by Murray. It shows how people do such things. Needs and Press are like some inner state that stimulate action of the main hero(s).
  3. Conflict is the main purpose of the TAT beside personality test or projection test. TAT can show someone’s conflict, with family, friends, couple, or other people.
  4. Defence mechanism shows that TAT is a very psychodynamic projection test. It can show how people react to their problems and how the defend it.
  5. Conception of the world shows how people sees the world. Is the world a safe place for them, or maybe world is a hell for them. It all can bee shown by their stories on each card (picture)

In general, TAT can be the most useful projection test beside the graphical test, such as DAM, or BAUM test. The Thematic Apperception Test shows a perfect stimulus that makes people think of something. Not like the graphical test which has empty paper, people in TAT will show some expression they can’t show in a real world with TAT. That’s why, TAT, and maybe Rorschach (Inkblot) test can be the best way to become a projection test, even though they are very subjective tests.

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