The Uniqueness Of Being Ambivert

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Ambivert – According to Carl Jung, there are two main group of human’s personality dimention : extrovert and introvert. But the recent psychological analysis, there are unique character that appear on human where they are having both personality of introvert and extrovert. Hans Evencek, named these personality as ambiversion personality (ambivert). As ambivert is the mixed between introvert and ambivert, people with ambivert personality has the balance character.  sometimes concerned with their environment, sometimes with themselves.

Basically, all personality have its own strength and uniqueness . Extrovert have the e good side as they make decisions easily and quickly take action while introvert has a good capability of introspection and self-knowledge. They value their own standards and principles and as such are independent minded. How about the ambivert ? Ambivert people combine the best traits of an introvert and an extrovert. If you fell that you are an ambivert, here are benefits you should enjoy to the fullest

  1. Flexible adaptation

Those who always need other people to fill their happiness tend to suffer from depression if they are being alone even in a while. Those who need loneliness and sole rather feel disturbed when there’s will crowded or people around. Therefore, Ambivert can survive in both conditions and have a flexible adaptation. They enjoying a crowded and party, socialization activities and make a friend in the new place, just like an ambivert do but it also not a matter if they are being alone in the room and embracing the solitude. Luckily, people with this personality may rather have the balanced life, not too loud or not too silence. They know what they should be in each situation and reach the happiness no matter the circumstances and the existence of other people.

  1. Good speaker and listener

The Extroverted person is an ideal speaker while introverted one is a perfect listener.Then ambivert combines these two skills at both of these tasks. They can easily express their self to others but also have a good understanding about other people’s opinion. Ambivert can be a good public’s speaking and also a good psychiatrist. Being ambivert is also make you more polite and intuitive, because you know the time when you should  speak or quite

3. Make an effective time and work

No matter the situations that puts an ambivert person in, they will easily to make the time and job more effective. For example, in the work place, they are being a newcomer and don’t know what should they do to finish the work.As an ambivert, They have a perfect extroverted nature that leads them to gain the friends and make a good cooperation quickly and easily.Then, If people ambivert personality need to take a long trip to others country, they don not wasted their time by missing friends or family and go ahead to their work is because an ambivert is also can deal with the introverted world where they feel comfortable and can find the answers to any question without any help from other people.

  1. A successful leader

Ambiverted individuals are good leaders. They can gather people easily,being so attractive, and sophisticated to others. But it is inadequate for being a perfect and successful leader.The others side of ambivert is they can find innovative  solutions to the most problem as their self-knowledge in introvert version. Then, It will be a  perfect combination to make people listen and follow the ideas. Moreover, an ambivert will be a good leader who understands their people. They know how to treat their employee who has extrovert and introvert personality because ambivert knows both of it well.