The Scope Of Abnormal Psychology

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Abnormal psychology is a study for people who has not only psychological disorder or disabilities. But also people who has superiority above normality. Abnormal psychology refers to the normal curve of statistic, which the middle of the curve is the normal part, and the left and right side of the curve is an abnormal side. There are two side of abnormalities, the positive side, and also negative side. Positive side refers to people who has more abilities, specialty, and also superiority beyond normal people. The negative side of the normal curve refers to people who has some defection, disabilities, and kind of psychological disorders.

If we’re talking about the scope of abnormal psychology. We’re not only talking about mentally defective, intellectual disabilities, psychological disorder. But we’re also talking about superior people, with more than 120 on IQ’s, sixth sense person, and others. These are some example of the abnormal psychology’s scope:

  1. Intellectual disabilities

Intellectual disability refers to people who has low intellectual score, such as IQ score. Most people call it as mental retardation, or some people just known it as an idiot. Intellectual disabilities not only have disturbance in their cognitive area, but also has some disturbances in psychosocial area.

  1. People with psychological disorder

People with psychological disorder can be diagnosed through the DSM manual for mental disorder. There are many kind of psychological disorder written on DSM manual. People who has some psychological disorder, can be known as abnormal people. So, abnormal psychology also learn about people who has a psychological disorder.

Some psychological disorder, such as psychosocial disorder, personality disorder, or maybe kind of psychotic disorder such as schizophrenic disorder can be learned in abnormal psychology.

  1. Superior people

Superior people also became part of abnormal psychology. Superior people usually came with high IQ and intellectual capacities. Superior people can’t be treated same as normal people with average intellectual level or IQ’s. They’ll have to be taught different and special. That’s why people with superior and high intellectual capacity became the scope of abnormal psychology.

  1. Extra sensory perception

Have you ever heard about indigo, or people who has a six sense?. People who has this gift are categorized as people with extra sensory perception. In psychological way, this phenomenon is categorized as abnormal psychology. Not all people can have this abilities, and not all of the people who has this abilities can accept or control it. So, that’s why people with extra sensory perception are part of the abnormal psychology. They need special treatment, so they can control themselves.

Those 4 scope of abnormal psychology are the usual scope. Beside those 4 points mentioned above, there are many other kind. The most important thing is all of condition of people that doesn’t sound like normal, we can call it.