The Raven Progressive Matrices Intelligence Test (RPM TEST)

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One of the popular and simple intelligence test is the RPM, Raven Progressive Matrices Test. This psychological testing has a very simple thing to do. You just have to choose one best answer out of 8 multiple choices to complete the patterns showed in each number. The Raven Progressive Matrices has 3 types of intelligence test:

  1. CPM, or Colored Progressive Matrices, the matrices intelligence test for children
  2. SPM, or Standard Progressive Matrices, and
  3. APM, Advanced Progressive Matrices

Raven Progressive Matrices Intelligence Test

Those 3 types of Raven Progressive Matrices have the same administration. The difference is just about number of question, and also color and pattern only.

For instance, RPM consist of two different sets. 3 different sets provide in CPM test. Each set contains 12 question, which comes in incomplete pattern. Your job is to fill the empty pattern, or the unfinished pattern with one of the 8 options provided in each question. The score is about the number of the right answers. The more the right answers is, the better you scored. The goal of this intelligence test is to see perception of yourself, concentration, focus, and also problem solving. Some patterns will need experience, and also perspective from yours.

How To Score The RPM Test?

So, how to score the RPM Intelligence Test? For your information, this intelligence test doesn’t provide an IQ scale. It just provide the intellectual category. There are four category, and five in CPM test which are:

  1. Superior category
  2. Above average category
  3. Average category
  4. Below average category

Even though RPM doesn’t show a full IQ score, this test will help counselor and also psychologist to detects intellectual problems. People who has intellectual problem or deficits will have low score on this intelligence test. Also, this test is a kind of culture fair test, so you can use this test anywhere, with no need to adapt this test.

For people who has disabilities, which can’t be tested by another psychological testing, such as WAIS, WISC, or even Binet, this RPM test can be effective as a supplementary test of those intelligence test. For example, people who are deaf. They clearly has some difficulties when they are trying to take an intelligence test such as WISC or even Binet. So, the alternatives, you can use this RPM test to see which category is he/she. But still, you can’t have their IQ score.

If you want to asses someone’s intelligence with short time test, this RPM test would be the best test you could have. It will take about 45 minutes to accomplish all task and question in this test. That’s why I call it a very simple intelligence test.