The Procedure Of Conducting Assessment In Psychology

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The Procedure Of Conducting Assessment In Psychology – For those practitioners, academics, to psychology students would be familiar with the term Assessment. Said assessment may even feel like “there are sweet-sweet so” your ears. Because this is one skill that must bin must be owned by those sections in the realm of psychology.

For those who are unfamiliar nih ane jelasin understanding, Assesment psychology is a series of activities to collect and formulate a variety of information about the problem that concerns the soul (psyche) a person or group that will be used as the base material as well as guidelines for decision making and solution of the problems being faced by someone or the group.

The Procedure Of Conducting Assessment In Psychology

From the definition, it has been clear functionality and usability in the psychological assessment, which is simply a procedure in treating a patient (patient course psychologists well, his name also psychological assessment).

Before assessing the practitioners in this case the psychologist must first understand some of the procedures to be performed. Here is a series of procedures that must be done before doing psychological assessment

Approach To Clients

The Procedure Of Conducting Assessment In Psychology

Approach is taken to be more familiar with the nature and character of the client so that later when the procession retrieval of information, between client and psychologists have had a chemistry that can trust each other. When mutual trust has been growing at a client’s psychologist certainly was not going to feel awkward or intimidated by beeberapa questions that will be submitted by a psychologist in order to explore in depth information.


The Procedure Of Conducting Assessment In Psychology

Planning to determine the proper procedures in obtaining data. By doing such planning, it is important to at tetapkannya guidelines, outline, or instructions provided that the assessment results will get results as desired.

In planning to have some basic framework which we later were able to compile them into a framework that is fit to perform psychological assessment on the client. Some of it was related

-What: This is a framework question of what will be achieved later on in the process of Assessment

-Why: Why is it that will be of interest and not using other means. Psychologists in this case should be able to explain the reason he uses in ways that do to do the assessment accompanied its analysis.

-Where: This is the step where he will conduct a series of professional ways that are likely to support clients and make it easier to do the assessment accurately and appropriately

-When: When is the right time to do? Enactment schedule were not to harm either party

-How: How a series of ways or methods for assessments conducted

Make this plan as specific as possible, in order to get it also results in precise and accurate.


The Procedure Of Conducting Assessment In Psychology

In order to see first hand what the subject is the target Assessment. Besides observations have uses that as a means to generalize the hypothesis or idea. Through this observation is expected psychologists were able to determine the activity and what he did to disorders such as what is complaining about.

Observations can also be used as a means to answer specific questions or specific. As for Example A, when a psychologist who wanted to know how the client’s response to the surrounding environment. If there is agreement between the complaint in natural clients with conditions in general at that time.
Observation is also one of the retrieval of information that would provide a more realistic picture of an event or behavior of clients, Compared with other methods of gathering information.


The Procedure Of Conducting Assessment In Psychology

Do as the basis for an overall Assessment. The interview is also at the core of the procedure for doing assesemnt psychology of the client. It is important to remember that in the interview, should be a psychologist to smart in a few questions brief but clear and not long-tela. This is to avoid the saturation of clients in information retrieval procession through this interview.

Conducting Test

The Procedure Of Conducting Assessment In PsychologyConducting tests almost like interviews, providing a sample of behavior. By doing this test, the procession of the interview will be more colorful, and certainly hope the procedure to establish a conclusion in the assessment of natural conditions in the client will be sharper. Perform the test also serves to ensure the sharpness of a series of previous results

Data Processing

The Procedure Of Conducting Assessment In Psychology

The collected data is processed so that inspectors can interpret in accordance with the objectives and theoritical orientation. Processing the resulting data will require precision and accuracy. Due to errors in data processing, the series of procedures that have been experienced before become useless.


The Procedure Of Conducting Assessment In Psychology

Data that has been processed to be converted into conclusions or hypotheses related to the objectives Assessment. Importance also hypothesized that psiklog able to be more focused in handling client later


The Procedure Of Conducting Assessment In Psychology

Anamnesis is a part of things like asking clients about issues that had experienced sert his resume. This activity has two types, namely directly on the client (Auto-anamnesis), and not directly to the family typically ask clients who find out about clients (Allo-anamnesis)

Inspection Report

The Procedure Of Conducting Assessment In Psychology

Report the results of the examination conducted for academic purposes such as case discussions, research, and so forth. The inspection report should also be filed in order to maintain, if at any time the client’s data loss or be a reference on subsequent cases, as well as new, but similar cases.

Submission Results

The Procedure Of Conducting Assessment In Psychology

Delivering the examination results to the requesting party clients include both written and verbal. Submission of the results must be without any manipulation, so that clients know the actual conditions and what steps should be done after treatment (using) the services of a psychologist.