It is the benefit of knowing your own personality

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It is the benefit of knowing your own personalityThe Benefits of Identifying Personality- Personality is one of the most inseperable parts of us. Personality is us, and we are personality. All of the behaviours and attitudes that we bring up, more or less affected by our personality. Our mindset, the way we understand somethings and the way we solve  problem are also in a way affected by our personality. However, there are still many people who have not understood the personality of themselves. Many of them have not understood, in fact, what does my personality look like?

It may seems trivial. Unless we have known about ourself, so why do we have to understand about our personality ? Through it seems trivial, but understanding the personality of yourself has a lot of benefits for yourself.

Benefit of Recognizing Self-Personality

There are several important benefit that you can get if you are able to recognize your own personality. Here are some benefits that you can get :

  • Know more about ourself

The first thing that you will feel if you are able to recognize and understand your own personality is you will become a person who know yourself better. Is it strange, isn’t it? If you even can not recognize yourself? Therefore, when you are able to recognize and understand the personality of yourself, then you will find it easier to know yourself. It’s like, how can you understand other people, if you don’t know yourself. Is it right?

  • Easier to solve the problems

Maybe problem solving much more affected by experience and also cognitive function. However, when you understand and know your own personality better, your mind will become easier to “work” in case finding solutions of the problems. You will be looking for solutions which suit to you, and surely you will increasingly seek considerations in finding solutions.

  • Better self-regulation

Self-regulation is a person’s ability in manage himself, whether in terms of emotions, bahavior, and so forth. When you are very familiar and familiar with your own personality, then surely you will become easier to do self-regulation. You will be easy to control yourself, according to the personality you have.

  • Able to put yourself in different situations

Self-placement can also be one of the most important benefit if you are able to understand and know yourself. When you understand and know yourself, then you will find it easier to place yourself  in various situations. You know what you are going to talk about or what you will do in particular condition.

  • Reduce stress

Yes, when you are able to know and recognize your personality, then you will find it easy to analize your stressor (cause of stress). You will much better to understand, that stressor in each individual is different, so you will easy to avoid and overcome your stress naturally, according to the personality you have.

Well, those are some benefits of knowing your own personality. What do you think ? have you understand your personality?


Written by: Eduardus Pambudi