Social Learning Theory

Social Learning Theory in Real Life

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Social Learning Theory

Social learning theory is one of the interesting subjects to discuss. This theory is related to the discussion of human being and their behavior. Read the explanation below to understand more about social learning theory and also the application of the theory in real life.

What Social Learning Theory is

All human being are learning. One of the ways to learn something is by viewing or imitating other people. This way of learning is known as a social learning theory. Based on an expert, Albert Bandura, a person can learn so many things from the others. As a human, you can learn new behaviors, values, and attitudes of other people. The simple example is when you are observing your parent’s behavior and attitude it means you are applying social learning theory. The output is that you can learn a new behavior or attitude from your parent. The older your age, the larger your social learning in which you can learn new behavior from your peers, neighbors, community, celebrities, leaders, and many more.

The Way Social Learning Theory Works in Real Life

This theory is not only about the way a person observes someone else and imitate his or her behavior but also about the output. For instance, a kid mostly observes anyone close to him or her such as a parent, siblings, friends, and the other members of the family. The output depends on the new attitude they have learned. If a kid learn something good and he or she practices it as their new behavior or attitude, people will praise him or her. On the other hand, if the kid learn something bad and he or she practices it as their new behavior or attitude, they will get a punishment.

The Way a Person Observes New Behavior or Attitude

In theory, a person is not only learning from someone who gets close to them but also from anything involves his or her life. like a social psychology theory, besides parents and the other members of the family, a kid can also observe a new behavior or attitude from their favorite characters that they watch on television. They can also learn new behavior from friends and teacher in the school, books, and stories. That’s why it is true that someone is shaped by the people around him or her. The behavior can be positive or negative and it is related to the output. The older your age, you can start to classify whether you have to take it as a new behavior or not.

The difference Between Identification and Imitation

In social learning theory, a person is identifying and not imitating. When you are identifying someone’s behavior you may refuse to apply or not as your new behavior. When you are imitating someone’s behavior you will always accept it as your new behavior.  

Social learning theory is commonly used to analyze people’s behavior. Let say, Bandura found that there is a relationship between society and someone’s behavior as well as its consequences. Moreover, it also helps to analyze whether a new response is acquired or not.