Signs That You Are In A Wrong Relationship

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wrong relationshipHaving a relationship is one important thing in your life. But how can it be when you are in a wrong relationship? How can you have your well being when you are in a wrong relationship? Many people has their own relationship, but doesn’t know that their relationship right or wrong. Many people think that relationship they have is a good relationship, without realize that they are in a wrong relationship. So, how to know if you are in a wrong relationship? These are signs to prove that you are in a wrong relationship:

  1. You don’t feel like you

Yes, first sign that you are in a wrong relationship is that you often feels that you are not you anymore. You’ve changed because of your relationship, badly. Everything you’ve liked about yourself, who you are, what makes you uniquely you, is gone or faded. This happens in many relationship, without be realized.  You have to find yourself in your own relationship, not conditioning yourself to a relationship.

  1. Constantly trying to prove your worth

Many things can show that you constantly seeking to prove your worth. Your ideas are shot down, your partner doesn’t support your dreams, your partner don’t hear you, and you feel invisible. At this time, you have no worth anymore, because your partner overdo your relationship. When you are trying to prove your worth in a relationship, it’s a sign that you are in a wrong relationship.

  1. Break up with yourself

In some relationship, there are many things that must be done, like a dream or maybe relationship goals. But, when you are in a wrong relationship, you can’t seem to reach your own goal. Your relationship has thrown your goal away, so your needs and yourself are no longer in equation. You have a split way between you and your dreams or needs. You just pretend that you do that for love, but in fact, you have sacrifice your dream, goal and needs in the name of love. You are no longer you anymore.

  1. You’re not being in a relationship

You feel that your relationship is not a relationship. It’s just some kind of routine, you have to buy flower, dinner together, or anything. Your relationship doesn’t built on passion, but built on routines. When you realize that your relationship is just a routine, that’s a clear sign that you are in a wrong relationship. Relationship must be built on passion, not just a routine.

5. You can say what your mind

if you feel not good, cant say to your partner. You not open about your feeling, sad, happy or worry. You partner also not coriuos about you. only few time saying about you.

6. You are on bored

It is need time to understand this situation. Actually, you think that you are happy with your partner, but you often bored if you have together activity. Hang out, watch a movie, shopping, even vacation. You can calculate about your together activity, are you more happy or more bored?

That’s the 6 signs that you are in a wrong relationship. Hope you can realize, if you are in a wrong relationship or not.