Parenting Style: Don’t Push It Too Hard

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Parenting Style: Don’t Push It Too HardParenting Style – Many parents think that if they add some extra lesson for their children, it would be useful and he/she can be a smart kids. But in fact, this also put some extra pressure to your kids. Kids will feel stressed with their extra activities, while they also try to concentrate on regular school activities. For example, maybe he can’t do better in math, so you put him to a private math lesson. Or maybe he’s bad at physics, and you put him again on private lesson.

Parenting Style

You’re officially pushed him too hard. Some people are born with high intellectual, and some are not. When your kids bad at math or physics, maybe they are naturally bad at those subjects.

But, psychologist says that people are born with plus and minus. If someone has minus, they also have their positive traits. We can call it potential. Your kids, they have their own unique potential. You can’t push them too hard for what they can’t have, but you can push them to explore their potential to the optimum level.

There are many kind of positive trait, or potential that children have. Social skills, music skills, athletic, and many more. So parents, if your boys and girls are bad in math, or physics, it’s not the end of the world. They’re not stupid or retarded, they are just naturally can’t do it better. If you’re pushing too hard for what they naturally can’t do, they’re gonna stressed out. They’re gonna lost their child moments, like playing, having fun with friends, and many more. You’ve just killed their childhood.

Parenting Style

So, focus on your child’s potential. Let them explore their own potential, and develop their own way with your help of course. Full support is needed to make they reach their own potential. Be on their side every time they need your help. Ask them what they’re hobbies, what’s their passion, observe and help them find their own passion.

If you can understand their passion and potential, so you can help them to reach their potential. Do not screw their childhood with some extra activities they can’t explore. Do not focus with only math or physics or some cognitive part of their life, but also explore their affective and their motoric part. Teach them how to be a great person with high social skills, great muscle movements, good at sports, having musical intellectual, art, or maybe other social skills that you don’t even recognize before.

Parenting Style – Remember, don’t push them too hard with things they can’t accept or they don’t good at . Parenting Style Information