Manage Your Foods, Create a Healthy Lifestyle, And Say Goodbye To The Anxiety

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Anxiety, stressed, depression is the most common psychological problem in the world that more than seven million people try to fix it. many professional psychologists try to resolve the problem with many kinds of therapy such as cognitive therapy, humanistic, psychodynamic or psychosurgery therapy. But actually, this unhealthy psychology can be reduced and prevented by our self, by managing our foods consume and create a healthy lifestyle. Because what you eat is sometimes shows the effect our mind, mood, and behavior. If we have the health body, automatically we will also have the strong minds.

Decrease your daily “caffeine “.

Unconsciously, people may consume the caffeine substance during their daily, either in coffee, chocolate, candy or caffeinated soft drink. People may think that this substance is not appearing any abuse, in fact,it is categorizing as psychoactive drugs. caffeine effect on mood alertness occurs through its activation of the sympathetic nerve system. even half of cup coffee bring about the slight improvement in mood, increase the symptom of anxiety, and irritability similar to those seen in amphetamine. After four to six cups of coffee, an individual can develop the symptom of a panic attack, dizziness, ringing in the ears, and also visual hallucination. If we know that caffeine so many negative effects both psyche and psychological, do you still want to consume it regularly?

Say “NO” to alcohol

Alcohol has the harm effect as the excessive drugs do in our body and mind. The long-term use alcohol can lead to permanent brain damage with the symptom of dementia. Seizures and psychological aspect, drinking alcohol even only small amount can result the problematic belief aggressiveness and sadism behavior. A long-term effect also makes the individual become addicted and become lower behavior and mental. The effective treatment of alcohol dependence has been very difficult and challenging. So, if you really care about your physic and physical health, especially if you have  a history of mental or disorder, will be better to you not to try drink the alcohol even in small scale.

Avoid simple carbohydrates and sugarsCarbohydrates and sugars have been shown to give the negative effect of moods, energy, and anxiety. Sugar and carbohydrate may

Carbohydrates and sugars have been shown to give the negative effect of moods, energy, and anxiety. Sugar and carbohydrate may result the extreme calorie and energy in the body, this condition may create the aggressiveness and anxiety more developed. Try to minimize these foods as much as possible. Types of simple carbohydrates or sugars to avoid include; chocolate, candy, cupcakes, carbonate soft drink, fried rice and all kind of junk foods.

Take additional supplements

Some herbal supplement have a natural anti-anxiety effects without making you sleepy. The natural ingredient may be safe for our health and not causing the addiction even we use it in the long term. Additional supplements vitamin or natural vitamin from fruits and green vegetable are also recommended. However, prior to adding any herbal supplement to your diet, check with your doctor to make sure it’s safe and appropriate for you.


A regular exercise will help you manage and prevent the anxiety. The exercise can help people not only to build the strong body but also have the long-lasting positive effect on anxiety. Aim for 150 minute of aerobic activities each week or 75 minutes jogging per week. Invite your friend to do this activity regularly it can help you enjoy your exercise and decrease more stressed.

Get adequate sleep

When your body feel extremely exhausted and your mind becomes so stressed, you will indicate experiencing the higher levels of anxiety. It means that your body and mind need the recharge and rested. A normal recommended of time sleep is about 7 – 9 hours each night. To get more qualified sleep, turn of the all light and electronic in your room.

Visit your doctor

The serious anxiety (anxiety disorder) demand the further treatment from the health. The general symptoms of anxiety include: the serious panic, sweating, unable to sleep, uncontrolled worries and trouble concentrating and also the desire to do a suicide. When those symptom is happening to you, it is mean that you need to go to the mental health professional to get more appropriate treatment.