A Brief Introduction to Culture Fair Intelligence Test

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Intelligence Test

The Culture Fair Intelligence Test or CFIT is the most easiest and more objective intelligence test that you ever met. The CFIT intelligence test created by Raymond Cattel. The CFIT created based on the other intelligence test, which is familiar, objective, and value free. It means that CFIT can be used in all of country everywhere in the world, because it has no boundaries, especially culture.

Culture Fair Intelligence Test (CFIT)

We all know that many intelligence tests have to adapt to several country with different culture. I mean, you can’t put the answer 4 July for the question of independence day in Indonesia. It shows that many intelligence tests must be adapted, translated, and have some changes before it can be used in some country. But, the CFIT just nailed it. CFIT can be used in many country without any adaptation or limitation. It is why they call it Culture Fair test.

CFIT designed to asses fluid intelligence, which consist of reasoning and analytical thinking. There are 3 types of CFIT:

  1. CFIT scale 1, designed for mental retardation and intellectual disorder
  2. CFIT scale 2, designed for age 8 to 13 years
  3. CFIT scale 3, desaigned for adults.

The CFIT Intelligence Test Administration(CFIT)

The administration of this intelligence test is super duper easy. You just have to choose the right answer for several question, showed with pictures and shapes. There are 4 subtest of CFIT:

  1. Subtest 1 – Series

In this subtest, you have to complete the pattern with one answer. There are some answer, and you have to choose one answer that fits to the pattern showed in each number.

  1. Subtest 2 – Classification

In this subtest, you have to choose two from the five shape that have the same characteristic and also similarities.

  1. Subtest 3 – Matrices

In this subtest, you have to choose one from five multiple choice that can fits into the pattern showed in each question. If you know the Raven or Advance Progressive matrices, this subtest of CFIT is likely the same.

  1. Subtest 4 – Condition / Typology

In this subtest, you have to choose one answer out of five that has the condition, texture, or situation that is the same with question.

See? There are only four subtest in CFIT intelligence test. It shows that the CFIT is pretty simple and easy. But, as a battery test, there are some time limitation for each subtest. So don’t be lazy to do this intelligence test, because you don’t have much time to do this test.

Scoring Test CFIT (Culture Fair Intelligence Test)

Scoring on CFIT test is done with a view towards justice answers given by participants or clients, and calculate the total correct answers owned by the client after carrying out the test. Total yagn correct answer will be referred to as RS or Raw Score, which should be changed or converted into Scaled Score. Thereafter, the scores are then paired with norm is standard, to then look at the intelligence level of the participant or client. Just like test APM, CFIT tend to only give an overview of the level of intelligence or intelligence category clients only, and does not give the value of IQ.

CFIT is arguably a simple intelligence test that is easy and simple, both in work, doing scoring, and also do the interpretation, the same as test Matrices (APM, SPM, and CPM). This makes CFIT is widely used in a series of brief psychological test, for example, recruitment, intelligence tests early, initial assessment. But of course CFIT tends to be limited, so it is rarely used as a test tool in the clinical assessment of interest, because the results are less detailed and less complex. (A Brief Introduction to Culture Fair Intelligence Test )

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