Career Test based on Personality Type

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Career TestPersonality tests are used in so many ways, and one of these is for testing our capabilities and appropriateness to be in that career path. Though these tests cannot fully determine our chances to cope, enhance, and to develop our trait, however, a possible guide to where we could be more suitable.

Our career paths vary greatly from one another. If all are born to be lawyers, then who will be responsible to be accountants? While if everyone will be engineers, who will be the ones to take good care of us when we are sick provided that can prescribe us our needed medications? We do things that interest us, or things that are relevant on what we find passionate about, provided that we enjoy while working.
It is ideal for us to find something that we are passionate about; to work on the things we love doing, to be in an environment where we are comfortable. But why is it really important?

One of the many reasons that we could think of why it is important to in line or incorporate our career with our personality type is, in my humble opinion, our work will be more fruitful and successful if we are according to what attributes we have to offer in our work. Like for example, people who have less patience may have lesser tendency to be teachers. In essence, our attributes should be test or assessed before getting into a career. Moreover, if our personality is getting in the way of our success and improvement in our jobs, we may have a tendency to leave and/or experience career plateau, where we will stay years and years but still stuck in the same position.
Possibilities are, if we are following the map that is not fitting in our personality is that we would be involved in so many errors, or possible inharmonious relationships with our colleagues, or we would find it boring working.

One of the present tests that we can use to know our personality types is Jung Typology Test. According here, there are three criteria to characterize a person; extra version – introversion, sensing – intuition, thinking – feeling. However, Isabel Briggs Myers suggested another criterion; judging – perceiving, these criteria are called dichotomies.
There are so many other tests present to take to assess our capabilities, suitability, and aptness in a work. In line with this, companies should or may also offer these test to the applicants to also ensure the development and growth of both the possible employee and the company or business itself.