Be Careful! These Are Symptoms Of Depression

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Symptoms Of DepressionDepression is one of the most familiar psychological disturbances. Depression is a state of mind and feeling, where you feel very-very sad and low. People who has a depression symptoms are feeling useless, lost of social interest, and also feels lonely, nothing to do and nobody to care. Depression can cause more problem, even it’s mental problem or physical and social problem. So, people with healthy life will have to maintain their feeling, so they don’t show depression symptoms.

What Are Depression Symptom?

According to the synopsis psychiatry and DSM IV book, there are some depression symptom that can be felt, and observed. These are the symptoms of depression:

  1. Dysphoria

People who has depression symptoms will has dysphoria. Dysphoria is a condition and feeling of unhappy, sad, useless, unworthy, and all of negative emotions. When someone has dysphoria, they usually feeling sad and also don’t have their spirit for daily activities. They also feel pessimist and lost of hope of their life.

  1. Low Activity

Next sign of depression is low activity. Usually normal people has daily activities, like eating, walking, travelling, works, go to school, or even became a housewives. But, people with depression can’t have their life that way. People with depression doesn’t have spirit for daily activities. They are workless, jobless, and don’t have nothing to, not because they don’t have, but because they don’t want to. You can clearly observed this kind of depression symptom easily, mostly with people who usually active at work.

  1. Worthless

Again, people with depression symptoms shows another negative emotion. They usually feels worthless, unhappy, and feels sad every time. They feel that they have no use in this world, or at least in their social life. They feel like gonna die, and go away from this life.

  1. Guilty feeling

The more severe the depression is, the more people has this guilty feeling is. People who has depression are overact to anything, and always feel guilty, even though it’s not their fault. So, if your friend, or relation has this excessive guilty feeling, maybe they’re depressed and need your help to overcome it.

  1. Shows physical signs

Have you ever heard about the psychosomatic? Psychosomatic is kind of physical illness, that caused by mental and psychological aspect. Stress, depression, anxiety, and many psychological aspect can cause this psychosomatic things. So, important sign of depression symptoms is physical signs and physical illness. High blood pressure, dizzy, vertigo, sweaty, and many physical illness and sign can be associated with depression symptoms. See? Ih you feel that you are easily ill and sick without any health problem, maybe the problem is on your mind, and maybe you feel depressed.

So, that’s the 5 depression symptoms that can be felt and observed. If you have one or more of those symptoms, maybe you should call psychologist, therapist, or maybe you can just tell your problem, and overcome your depression symptoms.