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All Know about the Clinical Psychology Salary

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clinical psychology salary

Are you know Clinical Psychology Salary?. Many people seems to be unaware of the several opportunities that available to psychologist. There are diverse areas of specialization in phycology, and all these areas of specialization comes with a specific salary range. One of such areas is clinical psychology. Most psychology careers pays within the range of $60,000 – $300000 per annum.

In various countries, clinical psychologists are required to possess a doctorate degree in psychology. A part from this qualification, they are still expected to go through a compulsory 1 – 2 years supervised residency program. In addition to the above requirements, clinical psychologists are expected to pass state licensing exams with good credit in order to avail them the license to practice.

Based on the findings from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary per annum of clinical psychologists is $72,220. This implies that a typical person in the field should not earn anything less than $34.72 per hour. Private clinical psychologists earn an average of $76,390 per annum, while those working in the outpatient care units earn about $67,650.

Kindly note that the salary calculations are based on average. But they usually vary based on the industrial sector, location, qualification, years of experience etc.

Clinical psychology is one of the most interesting and best part of this field, as such, many students are eager to specialize in this area. The several factors that determines clinical psychology salary are reviewed and highlighted below.

Geographical location: Generally, the location of where you work affects how much you earn as salary. This fact also apply to people that are working as a clinical psychologist. Take for instance, in Los Angeles, salaries of clinical psychologist are way higher than to working in remote locations like Nebraska. High cost of living in urban areas generally results in the increase in the salary of a clinical psychologist.

Experience in the field:This is one of the important factor that will determine your position and salary as a clinical psychologist. There are opportunities of higher salaries for professionals in the field with several years of experience. There are some establishments that consider the work experience of a clinical psychologist first before putting their qualifications into consideration.

Entry level (0-3 years) of experience attracts salary within the range of $60,000 – $75,000per annum.

Mid – Career (3-6 years) of experience attracts salary within the range of $$75,000 – $90,000 per annum.

Experienced (6-15 years) of experience attracts salary within the range of $90,000 – $120,000 per annum.

Experts (15 years and above) attract the best of salaries. From $120,000 upward.

Level of Education: Higher level of educational qualification in clinical psychology attracts more salary. It is believed that people with advanced degrees and certifications have all it requires to perform excellently well on the job, hence the attractive salaries. PhD holders in clinical psychology of doctors of philosophy in clinical psychology have more advantage to paid high range of salaries.

Based on the current situation of world’s economy, students that wants to earn much and have a rewarding career should consider clinical psychology.