Advantages of Mind Mapping

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Advantages of Mind MappingHave you experienced scattering of ideas? Like when you try to create some project, your imagination is branched and producing different ways of creativity? Or when you try to create your ideas are vivid but somehow it does not seem to cooperate with each other. It can also be formed in order in your mind, but when you try to make it happen, there is no harmony in what you do.

Here is a technique that may help you organize your thoughts and creativity; mind mapping. What is this mind mapping? Advantages of Mind Mapping? It is like spreading out your ideas in a piece of paper. One way of doing it is by placing your main idea or central idea in the center of the paper. Then from that central idea comes more idea. Imagine the root of a plant, in the center is the biggest root, then spread out are like baby roots connected to the central root. Same with mind mapping, out of the central idea derives ideas that may be possible associated with each other. It can also be probable that out of the derived ideas, other ideas are also derivative. Then from that, you may group what is accordingly should be together. You can use pictures to represent your ideas; also it is a space saver, plus it may enhance and develop our creativity.

Moreover, as we picture out what we have in mind; as we can see it; our goal, objective, and purpose may seem more attainable and accomplish able. Mind mapping is not only essential in organizing our thoughts and visualizing our goals, but this could also help us in problem solving. Imagine our dilemma in the middle then spread out the possible solution, subsequently under the solutions are the advantages and disadvantages of that choice or the pros and cons of it. From this process, you may visualize and examine things keenly and properly, more orderly than just keeping things in our mind. Also, this strengthens us to broaden our perspective and possibilities. Instead of just simply listing down all our alternatives and preference, we may describe first our central idea and from there we can disperse the groupings of our alternatives.

This mind mapping cannot be only used individually but also as a group. During our school days, we are compelled to do group works, and during this group work, brainstorming is essential to hear out every opinions and suggestion or proposal of everyone. Thus, mind mapping can be of assistance to evaluate each thought accordingly and in balance. Also this mind mapping can be beneficial in companies during meetings, individually as we make a reviewer during exams, for educators in their lesson plan, and many more as we can think of.

Whatever our preference is, we tend to stick on what we are comfortable in doing and of using. If this mind mapping could be of help and aid for the benefit of reducing the work, thus improving it, then continue and learn more effective ways of using it. Unleash your possibilities and be vivid about your goals.