Movie About Psychology

A movie about psychology: An analytical description.

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Movies are the most powerful tool for learning in a useful way. For this reason, movies are the best instrument if psychology students want to learn efficiently. Besides, according to academic experts from the St Leo University, movies are an excellent option to explore a considerable number of psychological topics, given the fact that there are many of them. So, here are the concepts to mind movie about psychology.

Movie About Psychology

To get deeper in psychological concepts.

Psychological concepts are hard to explain to normal people. Topics including trust, human relationships, depression, anxiety, intelligence, emotional insecurity, etc; are arduous to describe, and there is always a misconception among them. As a result, to put them in a practical field, the movies can encompass these topics to be a huge help for psychology students or lectures. Otherwise speaking, psychology students can reference movies as practical examples for determined elements.

A movie about psychology can show an intriguing human nature.

Movies can represent how people are acting in a concrete situation. Humans can make impulsive decisions or supporting decisions through reason, unleashing issues such as paranoid nature, hallucinations, depression disorders, bipolar behaviour are psychopathological ideas which people are not familiar. Additionally, psychology academics state that movies are a space for a deep analysis of human behaviour and how they behave in specific circumstances. Hence, films depict present-day situations in a realistic form.

Relation with some conditions and treatments in psychology.

According to scholars from the University of Copenhagen, the films have been studied in many aspects, not related to stunts or visual effects only, but also portraying characteristics like mental representation, cognitive schemes, traumas, social and personal development, etc. Furthermore, there are movies which you can associate with a specific measurement that psychology implements today. For example, in movies like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, they are using gadgets to attain something impossible in real life which is deleting a traumatic memory. Thus, conditions and their respective treatments constitute the typical sample of human nature in many films.

Movies can represent the mind and the imagination of people.

The human mind is difficult to explain as a whole, and the human imagination even harder. According to academics in psychology, imagination is the phenomena that inspire people to explore ideas or concepts that are real or not. Another point to consider is that imagination inspires movies. Therefore, imagination and creativity, which are elements that are present in the human mind, use plenty of psychological elements of the mind that many films present.

Examples of movie about psychology.

In case you crave for watching a movie which features the concepts mentioned above, here are a few examples to explore and enjoy.

A Clockwork Orange (1971): It is about how people use mental tricks to manipulate people, even with unethical techniques to achieve a determined goal or to establish total control.

Memento (2000): The movie is about the story of a man who is trying to solve a crime, and he is unable to remember where the crime occurred. That is, this movie is about amnesia, how the amnesia is a problem to the detective, and how this issue can affect your daily life.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004): The movie shows the ethical issues related to a psychological procedure using high-technology to delete the memories about a failed couple relationship. So, it means how the concept come from how the mind can realise a drastic situation like using tools to destroy an abstract idea, in this case, the memories about a romantic relationship.

The Departed (2006): The movie is about human nature itself, and how two men have an identity crisis or an antisocial personality which affects their daily lives.

The Hours (2002): The plot of this movie is about three women with major depressive disorder. That is, people can contemplate in the movie the idea of depression, and its respective consequences including the intention of committing suicide or the suicide itself.

Concluding remarks.

Movie about psychology like The Departed (2006), The Hours (2002), A Clockwork Orange (1971), as well as other films, describe concepts like human nature, depression, imagination, etc; in a clear and concise way for the people, making them as a valuable source for both psychology students and teachers.