7 Memes to Describe How Forex World Works

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Forex is undeniably the most popular trading type in the world. The locations and participants are unlimited. As a trader, you can open your market anywhere you want whether it is in New York, Tokyo, Sydney, London, and others at the same time. Interestingly, this activity can be done at home by staring at your computer or Smartphone.

People are attracted by Forex for the profits to gain for sure. However, you should remember also that the law in business and trading is still the same, no matter what kind of business it is. The law tells you high risk, high return. That’s why; if you want to get more benefits in Forex, the risk you should take is higher as well.

It is the main reason why many people have lost their money in Forex. Meanwhile, they think they have done the best for this investment. On the other hand, some people seem to look successful only with small attempts they do. All the conditions experienced by traders let creative people create memes around trading Forex. Some of them can be seen below.

Wicksdontlie’s Crying under the Table Meme

After waking up all night long and seeing the chart is getting lower down, well, it is just sad. Maybe, crying under the table can relieve you more. Sure, it doesn’t make the chart is suddenly higher up.

Wicksdontlie’s Took Screenshot at PIPs Meme

Of course, you must be really happy to see the profit at 40 pips. Then, you will not take a long time to take a screenshot. But after having done in capturing the pips, the price is suddenly retraced 20 pips. Well, it is really disappointing for sure.

Wicksdontlie’s Donald Trump Meme

It is not exaggerating to say that Donald Trump is one of the meme kings. Even if we are talking about Forex and all the phenomena around it, a tweet and expression of the president seem to fit it well. “When price is in momentum, wicks get filled”. That’s true definitely.

Terribletrader’s Take Loan Meme

There are so many dreams and expectations had by traders even when they have not yet started to join Forex trading. Sometimes, the dream is too high, too much, and not realistic. Well, taking a loan from a bank to buy the bank sounds great for new traders.

Forextradingmemes’ Going to Work Meme

Many people just sacrifice their sleeping time just to monitor their money. When they have another job in the morning, it is quite terrible anyway. At least, you may not have enough time to smooth your hair.

Forex.shark’s Sesame Street’s Meme

The temptation of money often blinds people. Many Forex traders should be some of them anyway. They often do actions carelessly without thinking about risk management. Instant methods to earn money are indeed more attractive.

Logikfx’ the Green Frog Meme

After all the theories you read and listen to, you may think you have been good enough in trading. Unfortunately, often, you are still lost. It is really terrible. But it should not be a reason to give up, should it?