What Is An Introvert? A Brief Introduction To introvert Personality

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introvertWhat is an introvert? Is introvert a psychological disturbance, or maybe some kind of a personality disorder? Some people thinks that introvert personality as a kind of personality problem. Actually, there’s nothing wrong with introvert people, and being introvert is not a personality disorder. Introvert is a kind of personality, mentioned by Carl Jung, which is generated from his grand theory about personality. Here are some brief introduction explaining about what is an introvert.

What Is An Introvert?

Jung introduce introvert and extrovert as an attitude of human. Attitude means how people react to some situation, or how people face some problems. People with introvert personality, or Introversion attitude mentioned by Jung, will face problems or situation with subjectivity. They ill push their energy inside, rather then outside. They push they emotion, feelings, and also behavior into their own mind. So, people with introvert personality won’t show their emotion, and won’t show how they face their problems.

People with introvert personality tends to be a loner. But inside, they have their own mind. They work from inside, not work from outside. They won’t show their emotion impulsively, or won’t tell other people about their problem. For instance, people who has introvert personality prefer to keep their problem themselves, and won’t tell anybody.

What is An Introvert People Be Like?

You already told about what is introvert. There are some common behavior shown by introvert people. So, you will find that introvert people are look like:

  • A perfect loner, who did many things themselves. Many people thinks that introvert people are lonely, but they are not. They have their own world, and will keep their world inside.
  • Seems to be selfish, they won’t share, or maybe don’t wanna talk to you every time.
  • Not the popular kind. Introvert people tends to avoid famous, they prefer to be alone and find their own way themselves, instead show off to people about their ability.
  • A subjective person. Introvert people are controlled by their internal locus of control. They think what they think, and do what they wanna do, instead of listening to people about what they must do.

Well, maybe you can say that introvert personality is kind of a selfish personality. But wait, extrovert people will also can be more selfish than introvert people. Introduction about extrovert people will posted in another psychology article.

In conclusion, you have to know that being an introvert is not a crime, it’s not a personality disorder, or some kind of a mental health problem. Being an introvert people is perfectly normal. You just have to be who you are, and do what you think is right. Hope you can understand more about what is an introvert.